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How to get your Chocolate & Where to find us : 



How to get Your Chocolate? * Shop online * Shop at the Laboratory * Visit our next Event

Where are we located? * Zone Industrielle de Cantone, Route de Calenzana 20260 Calvi, Corsica, France  

Part of the ZeroWaste Movement?We support You! 


Shop Online:

- All changes and special wishes can be fulfilled by sending us a note!

- Contact us for home delivery in Haute-Balagne.



Come to Meet us at the Chocolate Laboratory:

- We are located in Zone Industrielle de Cantone, Route de Calenzana, 20260 Calvi, Corsica, France  

- There is plenty of parking & we will welcome you with a smile!

- To insure availability of your dream Chocolate, in case we need to make it especially for you, we kindly ask you to contact us by mail or phone, 1 day in advance to arrange a rendez-vous.


Find us:

Zone Industrielle de Cantone
Route de Calenzana
20260 Calvi
Corsica, France 

 +33 (0) 7 86266292


Pop-Up Boutiques & Event Calendar

We will be taking part in beautiful events all over Switzerland & Europe. 

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 - Home Delivery Available in Greater Lausanne

- As a little business making responsible footprint choices, we admire your beautiful lifestyle! We understand it can get heavy carrying all these glass bottles around, therefore, we will deliver to your home in Greater Lausanne. 

- Place your order & let's arrange a delivery time and place. 

- Bring your own recipient or purchase an empty 1L jar *La Loba Loves The Earth* at the Laboratory, for 5 CHF.



Contact us & let's make it happen!