A Note from La Chocolatière

Every piece of chocolate is Handmade in our Chocolate Factory in Switzerland. 

We care for your health as we do for ours. We source the best products with care and consciousness towards Health and the Environment. We are committed to ethical trade.


Our Chocolate is 100% natural, Vegan, No Preservatives or Colorants, No added sugar (unless specified plant-based sugar), and gluten-free.

From our choice of Fair Trade cacao, plant based sugar, organic fruits, raw spices, dairy-free butters and creams, we don’t just consider financial results when measuring performance of the business, we constantly review social, environmental, and ethical indicators. 


Within that same spirit, we are concerned with our corporate footprint on Earth. 

Our packaging is therefore bio-degradable.

We Thank You for Your Trust.



Please Enjoy our Chocolate Made with Love, For Pleasure.